Sunday, March 18, 2007

I dance with the Devil

i dance with the Devil
all my life he has called me
a hunger draws me to him
its not weakness as u may think
i go to fight him
his touch is of the sun
his breath toxic and choking
his eyes glow bright and majestic
haunting and beautiful
but make no mistake
He plays for keeps
this is a dance of eternal measure
where lives hang in the balance
and one wrong step means death
and not only for me
yes i have fear
to not would be a mistake
but to use the fear as a compass
to know how far to go
i don't fight alone
i bring many brave men
who also love the dance
we dress in an armor if sorts
and wield a weapon of water
to slay the beast in your homes
and places of work
all hours of the day and night
i wait for the call
to save life and property
of my fellow neighbor
i stare into the eyes of the Devil
but his hand i will never hold
when we dance...

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