Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Race

Its a saturday night the wife and i are on the couch and the kiddos are all in bed...
The movie we rented is getting to the good part near the end... when from the kitchen
my radio tones and beeps... station 1 firefighters needed at... off the couch i fly and put on some socks and slip on my burks... and out the door with a quick i love you to the wife...
i jump into the "Beast" that is what i call the red suburbon... and its a quick drive 4 block drive to the fire station... i grab my bunker gear out of the back as two other firefighters pull the engine out of the bay... i climb up and into the crew compartment... its a little warm outside so i crank down the window to let the late summer air blow through the cab...
off into the night we race with static filled radio chatter along with the wail of the sirens and flashing red and white lights as we make our way through the city... the horn blaring through intercections to clear the way... its late not many cars on the streets and traffic on the highway is light... we are making good time
At this very moment someones house is burning... and all i can think about is how everything they have is inside that burning structure... and i hope everyone made it out... right about then we turned off the highway and made our way down the road to the house... the smell of smoke fills the compartment... i can see the red-orange glow lighting up the night sky over the top of the trees... we where almost there...
i strap on my scba and put on my mask and and test the airflow... all is working... we pull infront of the house... i am straping on my helmet as i climb out of the cab... and make my way around the back of the firetruck the back of the house is well involved... the line crew pulls the skid... and makes ready to enter the house... as the officers take a quick 360 around the house to make sure the scene is safe...
The call comes out over the radio... to enter the house... the line team starts to enter with axe in hand i follow the lineteam in... smoke is rolling everywhere we stay low to stay out of the extreme hot air and the visibality is better when ur low... we crawl our way throught the house looking for the base of the fire... we find it in the kitchen... and it is fully envolved... and hot!
As the nozzleman opens the bail and starts putting water on the fire i look down and realize that i am crawling through glowing coals... my heart is racing the adrenaline is pumping through my veins... i have to think about my breathing... and slow down my air intake... and focus on the task at hand...
i learned at fireschool in the military to control my fear when engulfed in fire... if you panic in a fire there is a good chance you will die... its only human nature to run from fire just as all animals on this planet run from it... however a special breed of men run into it... to save others property and lives... and on this night thank God the family made it out... we are trying to save their home...
In short order being able to hit the base of the fire we are able to put out most of the fire in the kitchen... but the fire had compromized the celing is burning up into the room above us... the line team makes it way up a back stairway and into the room above the kitchen... and puts out the fire. (more to come)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


sorry for being away... i need to write in this thing more than i have been...
but with a wife three kids two cats and a dog... whats a guy to do... work late?... lolol
anywho... i am back... i will write more in the days to come...
its late and the baby is crying... ear infection... she is getting tubes on thurs...
gotta go...

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Face of Innocence

what do baby's dream about?
is it the face of God
or the warmth of a mothers touch
are they playing with the angels
do they see the world as new
or are they eyes of old
how peaceful and quiet
a beauty that can not be matched
is that of a baby safe and asleep
in their mothers arms
their precious little eyes moving
yet fast asleep
the smiles and grins
that touch your soul
cooing and giggles
that make you smile
and warm your heart
they are little people
full of life yet to live
hold them and love them
for they are only little
for just a while
what do you dream about?
i have forgotten
where the angels play
but i catch glimpses
in my children's faces
when they sleep

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I dance with the Devil

i dance with the Devil
all my life he has called me
a hunger draws me to him
its not weakness as u may think
i go to fight him
his touch is of the sun
his breath toxic and choking
his eyes glow bright and majestic
haunting and beautiful
but make no mistake
He plays for keeps
this is a dance of eternal measure
where lives hang in the balance
and one wrong step means death
and not only for me
yes i have fear
to not would be a mistake
but to use the fear as a compass
to know how far to go
i don't fight alone
i bring many brave men
who also love the dance
we dress in an armor if sorts
and wield a weapon of water
to slay the beast in your homes
and places of work
all hours of the day and night
i wait for the call
to save life and property
of my fellow neighbor
i stare into the eyes of the Devil
but his hand i will never hold
when we dance...

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Its late and i cant sleep
weary from the day
long waves of light
fill the room soft and blue
washing my skin in their glow
lost is my mind
wandering through years of life
where i have been
roads i have walked
mountains i have climbed
love i have made
friends lost
did i mention love i have made?
sleep finally calls...

Cold Spring Morning

Snow falls softly on the grass
clean is the world
all is quiet at ten after five
the world is still asleep at this hour
darkness covers me
the bitter cold
digging its claws into my skin
why is the sun so late
forward is the time in spring
Phil must have had a hangover
for warmth is not yet here
yet the warm naked body still in my bed
beckons me to return
her skin soft and warm
the smell of her hair sweet as a flower
for pete's sake dog just go...